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persons who live in a colony


meeting of representatives who have the authority to make decisions


money that is used in a country


government tax on imports or exports




colonists who supported the British monarch and laws


killing of people who cannot defend themselves


volunteer army


member of Massachusetts colony militia who could quickly be ready to fight the British


part of the British government in which members make laws for the British people


request for action signed by many people

Pocket books

a pocket sized case for holding paper money


official announcement


provide or pay for housing


person who fights against, or will not obey, the law


do away with a law


speaking on behalf of someone


tax on goods brought into a country


money that is paid by people to run the country


cruel use of authority


people make their own laws

Ally, allies

a friend, especially in time of war


refusal to buy goods or services

American Revolution

The war between Great Britain and its thirteen American colonies from 1775 to 1783 that led to the founding of the United States of America.


A lawmaking body

Battle of Bunker Hill

Costly British 'victory' in 1775 over Colonial forces at a site near Charleston, Massachusetts

Boston Tea Party

A 1773 protest against British taxes in which Boston colonists disguised as Mohawks dumped valuable tea into Boston Harbor.

Committees of Correspondence

Groups organized in the 1770s to keep colonists informed of important events.


A member of an elected assembly.

First Continental Congress

The assembly of colonial delegates from every colony except Georgia that met in 1774 in Philadelphia to oppose the Intolerable Acts.

Intolerable Acts

The laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774 that closed Boston Harbor, dissolved the Massachusetts assembly, and forced Boston colonists to house British soldiers.

Sons of Liberty

Groups of colonists who organized themselves to protest against the British government.

Stamp Act

A law passed by the British Parliament in 1765 requiring colonists to pay a tax on newspapers, pamphlets, legal documents, and even playing cards.

town meeting

Gathering of a town's citizens to discuss and solve local problems.

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