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numbers that describe a set of data


the chance of an event occuring

fundamental counting principal

if a 2 step situation or experiment has blank ways to do the first step and blank ways to do the second step then the total number of possible outcomes for both steps is m*n

random sample

a sample in which every individual in the population has the same chance of being included

representative sample

a sample for which the results of the sample can be considered the same as the results from the entire population


the differences between what the responses of a sample are and what the actual responses from the entire population would be

disjoint events

two or more events with no outcomes in common

independent events

improbability, an event that is not effected by another event

dependent event

an event that is effected by the outcome of another event


a number or numbers that are at one or the other end of a set of data arranged in order where there is a gap between the end of numbers and the rest of the data


something that has different outcomes, a letter or a symbol that represents a number in an algebraic expression

horizontal axis

the x-axis in a coordinate system, it is a number line that locates points to the left or to the right of the origin

vertical axis

the y-axis in a coordinate system, it is a number line that locates points to up or down from the origin


the set of positive whole numbers and their opposites (negative numbers) and zero


per hundred, ratio of a number to one hundred

order of operations

the order in which operations in an expression to be evaluated are carried out. Do the operation in parentheses first, next evaluate exponents, then multiple and divide from left to right, and finally add and subtract from left to right

prime factorization

factoring a number into its prime factors only

measures of central tendency

the mean, median, and mode

compound event

An event that consists of the outcome of two or more events

equivalent fractions

fractions that show different numbers with the same value

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