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Match the world leader during World War II with his description.

President of the United States for most of World War II

Franklin Roosevelt

Premier of the Soviet Union

Josef Stalin

Chancellor of Germany

Adolf Hitler

President of the United States who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan

Harry Truman

Emperor of Japan


Prime Minister of Italy

Benito Mussolini

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Winston Churchill

Former dictator and nationalist leader who vied for control of China

Chiang Kai-shek

Communist leader who vied (and won) control of China

Mao Tse-tung

First Nazi-appointed Prime Minister of Occupied France

Philippe Pétain

Longest-serving Nazi-appointed Prime Minister of Occupied France

Pierre Laval

Head of the exiled Free French Forces

Charles de Gaulle

Norwegian Prime Minster who collaborated with Nazis and whose name ended up becoming synonymous with "traitor"

Vidkun Quisling

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