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Seclusion. Separation of men and women.


Saudi dress for men


Saudi dress for women


Sufi tradition in Egypt. Celebration of the Prophet's, or other imp figures, birthday

Al-Azhar University

Premier Sunni college for Islamic studies in Egypt

Amr Khaled

Egyptian muslim activist and televangelist. Against extremism, wants peace with the West

Wael Ghonim

(re)jumpstarted the revolution via fb. Worked at google

The Salafis

Conservative before the revolution. Not involved in politics.


Women's dress in Iran


Passion plays tat re-enact the death of Imams (esp. al-Hussein). Occurs during the first month of the Islamic calendar in Iran

Green Revolution

(2009) Debated the election in Iran. Inspiration for Arab Spring

Shirin Ebadi

Female activist. Judge before the Iranian revolution. Won the Nobel Peace Prize


Turkish minority. Sect that came from Shi'ites. Think Ali is greater than the Prophet

Mother Mosque

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Built in 1936. First mosque built from scratch in US

1st wave of immigration

1870s. From Greater Syria. Peddlers

2nd wave of immigration

1918. Lebanese

3rd wave of immigration

After WWII. Palestinians, Egyptians, Yugoslavians, & Albanians

4th wave of immigration

1965. Immigration quotas raised by LBJ, many white collar workers came.

Nation of Islam

Started by Wallace D. Fard in 1930. Called for a return to African Muslim roots. Would not accept the white man's teachings.

Controversial about the Nat. Isl.

1.White man=devil 2.Fard=God reincarnated 3.Elijah Muhammad=messenger of God


Muslim Student Associatin. Established by immigrants


Islamic Society of Northern America. Largest umbrella organization in N. America

Jack Shaheen

Arab American Christian. Critique of Arab caricatures in films.

Moustapha Akhad

Filmed "The Messenger"


Niche in the wall of a prayer room in mosque. Tells you where to face.


Pulpit for person giving the sermon

Ibn Khaldun

Father of Sociology. Wrote "The Introduction"

Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

Wrote the Canon (Medical reference work)

Genghis Khan

Initiated the Mongol invasion

Hulego Khan

Conquers Baghdad

Battle of Ayn Jalut

Mongols are defeated by the Mamlooks (slave soldiers)

Ilkhanid Dynasty

First major Muslim Mongol dynasty

Osman I

Founder of the Ottoman Empire

Mehmet II

Conquers Constantinople

Suleiman the Magnificient

Rules during the height of the Ottoman rule. Most powerful Ottoman ruler

Millet system

Communities that govern themselves

Ataturk the Young Turk

Secularizes and conquers Turkey


Founder of safavids

Abbal the Great

Moves capital to Isfahan


Rule over South Asia. Built the Taj Mahal

Mansa Musa

From Mali, very rich. Singlehandedly caused inflation in Egypt


Conquers Egypt in 1798. Moment when Non-Muslim Europe is seen as dominant.


One who renews, reforms, revives

Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab

A Mujaddid part of the 1st wave of reform. Used Ijtihad, goes back to the way of the Prophet

Muhammad Ibn Saud

Saudi monarchy comes from him. Alliance with al-Wahhab

Queen of Sheeba

Only female leader in Qur'an

(Modern) Salafiyya

2nd reform. Wanted Ijtihad and a renaissance

Muhammad Adbuh

Made the most influential periodical in Islam: "al-Mehar"

Muhammad Rashid Rida

Student of Muhammad Abduh . Conservative. Began the 3rd reform

Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan

Accepted British rule as a reality


Tradition Muslim scholars. Studies in madrasas

Muslim Brotherhood

3rd wave of reform. More socially active than 2nd wave. Critical of the Ulamas

Sayyid Qutb

Famous tafsir of the Qur'an. Wrote Manifesto "Milestone." Changes direction of Muslim Brotherhood (if gov isnt Islamic, change it)

Islamic Society

Like Muslim Brotherhood in India


Founder of the Islamic Society

Hirb al-Tahrir

Wanted Caliphs. Anti democracy


Struggle (may mean armed)


Indiscriminate act of violence that leaves people with fear and helplessness


Things should always be as they are stated in the Qur'an. (Treatment of women)


Things should not always be as in the Qur'an. Circumstances change with modern times.

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