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Code Editor
To write the C# code for a form, you use a Visual Studio window called the
classes that are organized into namespaces
The .NET Framework Class Library consists of
a container that holds projects
an executable file that includes the MSIL or IL
To work with the files of a solution, you use a Visual Studio window called the
To work with the files of a solution, you use a Visual Studio window called the
Common Language Run time
To run the intermediate language for an application, Visual Studio provides the
ASP.NET Web Forms
Which of the following types of .NET applications does not provide for an enhanced user experience?

ASP.NET Web Forms
Windows Store
it manages the execution of .NET applications
What is the purpose of the Common Language Runtime?
Microsoft Intermediate Language
Before a C# application can be run, it must be compiled into a language called
When you run a Windows Forms project, Visual Studio displays the project's first
The C# __________________ builds the source code in a C# source file into an executable file.
What is the purpose of the .NET Framework Class Library?
To review the files that are used for an application, you can use the ____________________.
both the Format menu commands and the Layout toolbar buttons
To align two or more controls after you've selected them, you can use
To set the properties for two or more controls at the same time, you need to first ____________ the controls.
Name and Text properties
Two properties that are common to both forms and controls are the
Which of the following statements is true?

The Label control has a TabStop property, but it is ignored.

The Label control has a TabStop property and can accept focus.

The Label control has a TabStop property, but can't accept focus.

The Label control doesn't have a TabStop property.
To prevent a control from receiving the focus when the user presses the Tab key, you should set the control's TabStop property to
To change the size of a control or form, you can __________ one of its sizing handles.
The title that's displayed in the title bar of a form is determined by the ______________ property for the form.
primary control
When you align or size a group of selected controls, the changes are made relative to the
text box
To provide for a user entry, you use a ________________ control.
AcceptButton property
What form property do you use to activate a button control when the user presses the Enter key?
pressing Alt plus another key
Access keys let the user activate a control by
the controls on a form receive focus when the user presses the Tab key
The tab order determines the order in which
the buttons don't cause anything to happen, but otherwise the form works
When you run a form after you've used the Form Designer to design it but haven't added any code to it,
The CancelButton property of a form sets the button that will be activated if the user presses the _________________ key.
hold down either the Shift or Ctrl key while you click on them
To select two or more controls, you can
To customize the way Visual Studio works, you can use the ___________ command in the Tools menu.
the text that's displayed in the control
The Text property of a control determines
set the access key in the Text property of the label immediately before the text box
To create an access key that will move the focus to a text box, you
The ________________ property of a text box lets you prevent the user from entering data into the control.
To create a new Visual Studio project, you select a __________________ from the New Project dialog box to specify the type of project you want to create.
When you move or size a control in the Form Designer, Visual Studio automatically adjusts the ________________ that specify the location and size of the control.
find runtime errors
When you test an application, your goal is to
Which of the following is not defined by a class?
What is the name of the method generated when you double-click a button named btnProcess in the Form Designer?
An operation that an object can perform is called a ____________________.
calls the Focus method of the txtMonthlyInvestment control
What does the following code do?
a user entry that can't be converted to a number
One common cause of a runtime error is

-a user entry that can't be converted to a number
-a control that has invalid property settings
-a form that has invalid property settings
-mispelled keywords in the C# code
object name followed by a period and the property name
To refer to a property of an object in your C# code, you code the
What event does Visual Studio generate code for when you double-click a button in the Form Designer?
positioning the insertion point in a keyword and pressing F1
You can get context-sensitive help information from the Code Editor by
braces - { }
Blocks of code are enclosed in
The properties, methods, and events of a class are called the ___________________ of the class.
user events and other types of events
To say that a C# application is event-driven means that it responds to
To change the name of all instances of a variable name after you change the first instance, you can use
// This is a comment
Which of the following is a valid comment?
The process of creating an instance of a class is called ____________________.
the code that defines the characteristics of an object
A class is
txtDate.ReadOnly = true;/
Write a statement that sets the ReadOnly property of a control named txtDate to true.
To insert the starting code for an if statement into the code for a form, you can use a ____________.
semicolon - ;
C# statements must end with a
Write a statement that calls the Focus method of a control named txtLastName.
event handler
What is the term for a method that responds to events?
displays the value of a variable or property
A data tip
Use all capital letters for variable names.
Which of the following is not a recommended way to improve the readability of your C# code?
// currency format
Write the code for a comment that you could add to the end of the following line of code. The comment should read "currency format".

string amount = total.ToString("c");