Who Is This Jesus? chp 5-10

51 terms by angel2668

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chirst divne soul, human body


a must celestial kingdom


necessary for exaltation

celestrial marriage

plates dug up here

cumorah, ny

exclusion from celestial kingdom


christ seemed human


christ with one nature


defense of the hypostatic uniion

formulua of chalcedon

fully god; fully man

hypostatic union

christ emptied of some deity


father of an ungodly line


jehovah; yahweh


adam and God, according to young; Pre-incarnate christ, according to Jehovah Witness


one god with three roles


last nephite prophet


christ as two persons


book of mormon source

plates of nephi

founder of jehovah witness

charles russell

second jehovah witness president

john rutherford

first latter day prophet

joseph smith

individual revelation


one god in three persons


three gods


led mormans to utah

Brigham young

heavenly class


Formula for Chalcedon

451 ad

Mormonism founded

1830 ad

jehovah witness year of christs return

1914 ad

according to the bible all men are sinful because all men eventually sin


1qlsaiaha discredits mormon theories of textual corruption


jehovahs witnesses believe that man is only a material being


jehovahs witness insist that since jesus was a mere man, he must have risen bodily from the dead and been exalted according to his manhood.


if christians permit luke 16:19-31 to be interpreted as a parable, they lose this passage as a support for the doctrine of eternal punishment.


mormons are quikc to point to where they differ from othwer denominations.


mormonism says that adam's fall was good and necessary.


mormons and jehovahs witnesses argue for the distionction between the spiritulal and organizational sapects of the true church.


jehovahs witnessescan say that unbelievers will be destyoed forever in hell.


the corpus of mormon scriputure is rigidly anit-tinaitarian


to prove joseph smith a liar is to remove the kestone from the mormon doctrine


withour continuing revelations, the mormon organization would collapse.


according to mormonism, immortailiity is a free gift that comes by grace alone without workds on mans part


at base level jehovahs witnesses reject the doctrine of the trinity because they find the biblical proof texts for it to be ambiguous.


Four Mormon standard works

bible, book of mormon, doctrine and covents, pearlof great price

deuteronomy 18 criterion for a true prophet

as all his words coame to pass

the greatest problem with saying that chrles anthon validated smiths manuscripts

reformed eygtian was unkown

how is jesus subordinate to the father

functional subordination

in jehovahs witnesses what is the bibles chief purpos

johehvahs have know throught earth

define the term firstborn in cerses such as psalm 89:27 and colossians 1:15


in mormonsin was luciders plan for atonement rejected and why

yes he qanted atonment fors sins in a way that would deny the freeedom of men

threee kingdoms of mormonism personal eschatology

celestrial, telestrial, terrestial

what book and chapter would you use to present multiple statements of god uniquesness

isaih 20-48

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