24 terms

week 1 study guide DM

dental restorative materials are used by dental team to to..
prevent or repair damage to teeth caused by trauma or oral disease
untreated dental caries can lead to
death, but extraction is more common
restorative materail are used to..
prevent disease and alleviate pain, inflammation and infection
two basic types of restorations?
intracoronal and extracoronal
Intracoronal restorations are.
used to repair damage that is restricted to the internal part of the tooth
extracoronal restorations are
used to restore teeth with more extensive damage that cannot be managed with intracoronal restorations, covers a cusps
example of indirect restorations
crowns and veneers
examples of direct restorations
amalgam or composites
Inlay definition
restoration prepared outside the mouth and cemented into cavity prepration
Onlay definition
substance fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place, extends to replace a cusp
3 compositions of crowns:
casting alloys, polymers ,ceramics
3 ways to replace one or more missing teeth
fixed partial denture (bridge), dental implant, removable partial denture
3 preventive dental treatments
flouride gels, rinses, varnishes
ability of material to be stretched into wire without rupturing
ability of material to be rolled into a sheet without fracture
both absorption and adsorption
internal destruction of material
surface phenomon, discoloration of surface, can be removed by polishing
thermal conductivity
quantity of heat transferred across a unit area
measure of a liquid for a solid by spreading a drop of water
penetration and forcing out of oral fluids between a dental restoration
compressive forces
stress required to rupture a material when its pressed together
tensile forces
force per unit area that tends to stretch or elongate
effect in mouth as a results of the use of dissimilar metals