EMT MOD 2 Ch.8 - 9

patent airway
an airway that is open and clear and will remain without interferance
the contraction of smooth muscle that lines the bronchial passages that results in a decreased internal diameter of the airway and increased resistance to air flow
a high pitched sound generated from partially obstructed air flow in the upper airway
head tilt, chin lift
method of opening an airway if the patient has no trauma or injury
jaw thrust maneuver
method of open an airway if the patient has trauma or injury
oropharyngeal airway; a curved device inserted through the patients mouth into the pharynax to help maintain an open airway
nasopharyngeal airway; a flexable breathing tube inserted through the patient's nose into the pharynx to help maintain an open airway
gag reflex
vomiting or retching that results when something is placed in the back of the pharynx
use of a vacuum device to remove blood, vomitus, and other secrections or foreign materials from the airway