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Symphony No 5. C Minor, Op 67

Dah dah dah dum! Motivic consistency, organic, scherzo (like minuet, triple meter) fragmentation to two notes, then one. tension, fematas, solo oboe, extra long coda,

Erlkonig (The Erlking)

Franz Shubert
lied-minature, only piano accompaniment- horses, through composed, 3 distinct characters,

Dichterlibe (A Poet's Love)

Robert Schumann
song cycle- many poems, common theme, some strophic some through composed, ends first poem without cadence, ebbing and flowing,

Nocturne in F Sharp, Op 15 No 2

Frederic Chopin
night piece, chromaticism, rubato,

Symphonie Fantastique

Hector Berlioz
autobiographical, idee fixe-obsession, bigger orchestra, program symphony,


Guiseppe Verdi
catchy tune, duke aria, rhythmic motive, strophic form, clear voice,

Ring Cycle, The Valkyrie

Richard Wagner
Leitmotiv, 4 nights of opera, dramatic, character's thoughts, not quite an aria,

Madame Butterfly

Giacomo Puccini
artificial Japanese sounding motive, dreamy, leitmotiv,

Pictures at an Exhibition

Modest Musorgsky
promenade that changes, based on russian folk tune, written for piano, quituple meter, music set to paintings

Three Nocturnes, Clouds

Claude Debussy
impressionistic, suggestive not explicit, slow, no solid-forward theme, vague rhythm, low drum roll, no true form (ABA') or structure, fragmentary

The Rite of Spring

Igor Stravinsky
Arrhythmic, no story, avant garde, folk tune fragments, dissonant polyphony, off rhythmic accents

Pierrot Lunaire

Arnold Schoenberg
"Night" and "Moonfleck" song cylce, sprechstimme- speech-song, avant garde, expressionism, chromatic ostinato, atonal, chamber orchestra,

The Unanswered Question

Charles Ives
two conductors, 3 separate sections, strings, brass, woodwinds each representing, not traditional polyphony, question repeated the exact same,

Lux Aeterna (Internal Light)

Gyorgy Ligeti
16 solo singers + chorus, all twelve pitches chords, focusing pitches, explores texture as music

Poeme Electronique

Edgard Varese
Collage of noises,

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