Summer School Lang Arts Vocab

24 terms by Num1Animal

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A problem between a character + someone or something else

Internal Conflict

A problem within a charecters mind

External Conflict

A problem a character has with an outside force (another charecter, nature or society)


The beginning of a story when the setting (time + place) + charecters are introduced


When + where a story takes place

Rising Action

Events that build suspense + lead to the climax


The most exciting part of the story + the point of no return (the turning point of the story)

Falling Action

Events that lead to the resolution


The end of the story + it may be resolved (no loose ends)or unresolved (ends with some unknowns)


A hero in the story


The villian of the story


When you look back at a memorie from the past


Language that appeals to the 5 senses (smell, hear, touch, taste, see)


A comparison of things "like" or "as" (ex. I run as fast as a cheetah)


A comparison of 2 things without using "like" or "as: (I am a cheetah)


Using the same ound at the beginning of worsds in a sentence or line of poetry


When something that is not human that is given human charectaristics

Inference/To Infer

To make an educated guess about someone or something


A poem that pays tribute to someone or something


A quick explanation of just the main ideas shorter than a paraphrase


Longer than a summary/ when you put each sentence in your own words


A paragraph in a poem


The person telling the story


The narraotor of the poem

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