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Conservation Biology

goal-oriented science, seeks to encounter biodiversity crisis, can focus on a single species, and also can protect many species at once by preserving habitats and ecosystems. 3 different levels: genetics/species/ecosystem

Habitation alteration

human alteration of habitats causes by agriculture, urban development, forestry, mining, enviromental pollution and is known as the greatest threat to biodiversity

Invasive species

rank behind habitat destruction as a threat to biodiversity, they compete/prey/ and parasitize native species.


third major threat to biodiversity, overhavesting has threatened rare trees, fish, and bison


thins ozone layer from release of clorofluorocarbons from aerosol cans and manufacturing.


nutrient pollution, from fertilizer and wastes, process by which a body of water becomes too rich in dissolved nutrients, leading to plant growth that depletes oxygen

Biological magnification

increase in concentration of persistent chemicals in the living tissues of consumers in food chains.

Landscape ecology

application of ecological principles to the study of the structure and dynamics of collection of ecosystems

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