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What is the definition of a Protist?

There is no exact definition

Are Protists Prokaryotic or Eukaryotic?


Do Protists satisfy the requirements for Plants, Animals, or fungi?


What are the types of Protists?

Plant-like, Animal-Like, Fungi-like

Whats a Plant-Like Protist?

Euglena, Algae, Diatoms, Dinoflagellates

How do Animal-Like Protist move?




Explain Ciliates; how they move

Paramecium; cilia

Explain flagellates

no chloroplast; NOT plant like
Move by: Flagellum

Explain Zoomastignia

Maleria; mostly parasitic

What is Parasitic

Living off other organisms

What are Fungi's cell structure?


Are Fungi Heterotrophic or autotrophic


What are Fungi's cell wall made of?


What are Fungi's reproductive structure?

Fruiting body

How do Fungi reproduce?

Using spores

What are Phyla based off of?

Reproductive structure

What are Phyla's reproductive structures based on?


What is mycota

Club Fungus

What is a type of Club Fungus?


In Mushrooms where does the Reproduction take place?

In the Gills

What is an example of ascomycota?

Sac Fungi

What is sac fungi?

yeast type fungus

What are Zgyomycota?

Bread Molo

Where are spores produced?

In Sporangia

Name why Fungus is important?

-Natural defense mechanism (some have)
-Help us produce food and wine and other products that we need

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