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Biology Chapter 37

an assemblage of all populations of organisms living close enough together for potential interaction
Interspecific Interaction
relationships between different species -- affect population structure and dynamics
Ecological Niche
the sum of its use of the biotic and abiotic resources in its environment
Interspecific Competition
occurs when the niches of two populations overlap and both populations need a resource that is in short supply
a series of reciprocal evolutionary adaptations in two species
lives in or on a host from which it obtains nourishment
disease causing agents
are autotrophs
Trophic Structure Order
producers - primary consumers - secondary consumers - tertiary consumers - quaternary consumers
Food Web
a network of interconnecting food chains
Species Diversity
species richness and relative abundance
Species Richness
the number of different species in a community
Relative Abundance
the proportional representation of a species in a community
Keystone Species
a species whose impact on its community is much larger than its biomass would indicate
a force that changes a biological community and usually removes organisms from it
Ecological Succession
the transition in species composition of a community, often following a disturbance
Primary Succession
occurs in a lifeless area with no soil
Secondary Succession
occurs where a disturbance has left soil intact
Invasive Species
spread further beyond the original point of introduction and cause environmental or economical damage
Biological Control
the intentional release of a natural enemy to attack a pest population
consists of all the organisms in a community as well as the abiotic environment with which the organisms interact
Energy Flow
the passage of energy through components of the ecosystem
Chemical Cycling
the transfer of materials within the ecosystem
the amount of living organic material in an ecosystem
Primary Production
the amount of solar energy converted to chemical energy in organic compounds by an ecosystem's producers for a given area during a given period
Biogeochemical Cycles
any of the various chemical circuits that involve both biotic and abiotic components of the ecosystem