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Lateral Thorax

Caudal-Halfway between xiphoid and last rib. Use padding. Take on inspiration

VD Thorax

Caudal-Halfway between xiphoid and the last rib.

Lateral Abdomen

Cranial-Three rib spaces cranial to the xiphoid Caudal-greater trochanter of the femur. Use padding. Take on expiration.

VD Abdomen

Cranial-Three rib spaces cranial to xiphoid
Caudal-Greater trochanter of the femur

Lateral Humerus

Shoulder and elbow joints

Lateral Radius/Ulna

Carpal and elbow joints

Lateral Carpus

Center over carpal joint

AP Paw


Lateral Pelvis

Cranial-Wings of ilium
Caudal-Caudal border of the ischium

Lateral Femur

Coxofemoral and stifle joints

Lateral Stifle

Use padding.

Lateral Tibia/Fibula

Stifle joint and tarsal joints. Use padding

VD Pelvis Extended

Cranial-Wings of the ilium
Caudal-Stifle joint
Pull both limbs caudally, rotating the stifle joints inward. Femora should be parallel to each other.

Lateral Skull

Tip of the nose, top of the head, base of the skull and mandible. Use padding.

Lateral Thoracic Spine

Cranial-Spine of the scapula
Caudal-Halfway between xiphoid and the last rib
Use padding.

Lateral Lumbar Spine

Cranial-Halfway between the xiphoid and the last rib
Caudal-Wings of the ilium
Use padding

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