Psych Ch. 1

Wilhelm Wundt
The first psychological laboratory was established by
Which school of psychology attempted to identify the basic elements of mind?
sensory experiences
The method of introspection was used by Edward Titchener to identify
William James
The early school of psychology known as functionalism was developed by
William James
Functionalism is to structuralism as _____ is to Edward Titchener.
Ivan Pavlov pioneered the study of
John B. Watson
Who would have been most likely to ignore mental processes and to define psychology as "the scientific study of observable behavior?
B. F. Skinner was a prominent American
humanistic psychology
The growth potential of healthy people was emphasized by
In studying human behavior, contemporary psychologists rely most heavily on
nature-nurture issue
The controversy over the relative contributions of genes and experience on psychological traits is known as the
multiple levels of analysis
A biopsychosocial approach is one that requires the use of
A clinical psychologist who explains behavior in terms of unconscious drives and conflicts is employing a(n) ________ perspective.
The high school counselor has suggested that Skylar's romantic feelings for her physics teacher reflect her unconscious longings for attention from her own father. The counselor's assessment most clearly reflects a(n) ________ perspective.
Natassia believes that boys learn to be more aggressive than girls primarily because boys are more frequently pressured to defend themselves with fists. Natassia's belief is best described as an example of the ________ perspective.
nature; nurture
The evolutionary perspective is to ________ as the behavioral perspective is to
Dr. MacPherson believes that the way students organize and think about the information in their textbooks will strongly influence their ability to later remember and use what they have studied. Dr. MacPherson's ideas most directly exemplify the ________ perspective.
Which psychological perspective is most likely to examine how group membership influences individual attitudes and behaviors?
biological psychology
Dr. Tiao conducts basic research on the effects of head injuries on people's problemsolving and abstract reasoning skills. Which psychological specialty does her research best represent?
Dr. Winkle conducts basic research on the systematic changes in intelligence associated with aging. It is most likely that Dr. Winkle is a(n) ________ psychologist.
industrial/organizational psychology
Dr. Ochoa develops tests to accurately identify the most qualified job applicants in a large manufacturing firm. Which psychological specialty does Dr. Ochoa's work best represent?
Which specialists are the most likely to prescribe a drug for the treatment of a psychological disorder?
Working in a community mental health center, Dr. Thatcher treats adults who suffer from severe depression. Dr. Thatcher is most likely a(n) ________ psychologist.