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10 terms


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in the meantime
(phrases) in the periods of time between two periods or two events, syn meantime = meanwhile
for the meantime
(phr) for a short period of time, not permanently. Eg: I am changing my email address, but for the meantime you can use the old one
medical sciences
(phr) other: medical advances
emergency medical technician
(phr) person like doctors and nurses in emergency department
radioactive tracer
(phr) radioactive: sending out harmful radiation when the nuclear broken up, phr: radioactive substance that can be seen in the human body and is used to find out what happen inside the body
organ transplants
(phr) take an organ from one person and put it into other body
(pt) Eg: The heating switches off automatically
(a) warm
(a) involve people working together
(a) from convict, (n) (v) nguoi tu, ket an