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Social psychology differs from psychology in its focus on __________.

the influences of the social world in which we exist

Voluntarily yielding to social norms, even at the expense of one's own preferences, is called ________.


In what way is compliance different from conformity?

Compliance is a response to a direct request, whereas conformity is a response to indirect social pressure.

Which aspect of culture tends to decrease rates of conformity?

high levels of individualism

An example of ________ is the decision by NASA to launch the space shuttle Challenger despite widespread concerns about its booster rockets.


Many people hang up on telemarketers, but others will listen politely to their pitches even if they are not interested in the product. Telemarketers know that anyone who agrees to listen to a pitch is more likely to buy the product, thanks to _________ phenomenon.


While walking through an airport, a well-depressed lady walks up to you and pins a flower on your shirt, saying "I'd like you to have this flower on behalf of the Brotherhood of Friends. Would you like to make a donation to our cause?" This lady is attempting to use the _________ to get your money.

norm of reciprocity

Car salespersons are notorious for using the ________ technique, which involves changing terms after an agreement has been made.


What is a difference between obedience and conformity?

In obedience there is a difference is status between the one who obeys and the one who makes the request.

Imagine 100 individuals are asked to take part in a replication of Milgram's famous study on obedience. How are these 100 people likely to respond?

The majority would administer 450 volts as instructed

An individual who exerts less effort when working on a group task if individual contributions will not be evaluated is engaging in what is called __________.

social loafing

Attitude formation is the result of a number of influences. What they have in common is that they are all forms of ___________.


Which of the following is the correct definition of cognitive dissonance?

a state of tension that occurs when a person's behavior does not correspond to the his or her attitude

Which statement is the best explanation of the fundamental attribution error?

We are more likely to attribute another's behavior to internal rather than to situational causes.

When the expectations of one person bring about the expected behavior in another person, the expectation has become a(n) __________.

self-fulfilling prophecy

In a crowded mall parking lot, dozens of people hear a female voice yell, "He's killing me!" Yet no one calls the police. What is the reason for the lack of action, according to Darley and Latane?

Diffusion of responsibility is the reason most people do not respond

A group of four friends, two men and two women, are out for an evening on the town. "I'd like to go to the bookstore and get coffee," one of the women says. "Nah, lets go over to that club and have drinks while we listen to the band," one of the men replies. What does Solomon Asch's research suggest will be the likely outcome?

The group will probably go to the club, as Asch found that women tend to conform more then men when a public response is required.

A social psychologist has been invited to give a community lecture on the importance of Milgram's research. He asks a social psychology class for suggested titles. Which of the following titles might they suggest as the most appropriate?

"Do Not Underestimate the Power of Perceived Authority"

How can a coach get his football team to perform better if he suspects they are exhibiting social loafing?

grade their individual performances

Attitudes are ________.


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