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long a

Vacation came on a rainy day; eight reindeer would not obey.
{a, a-e, ai, ay, eigh, ei, ey}

long e

He needs meat and candy; these I believe he'll receive with money.
{e, ee, ea, y, e-e, ie, ei, ey}

long i

I like to be high in the sky when I eat my pie in style.
{i, i-e, igh, y, ie, y-e}

long o

Go home on a boat to show your shoulder and toe.
{o, o-e, oa, ow, ou, oe}

long u

The musician refused to argue his nephew's feud.
{u, u-e, ue, ew, eu}

[oo] as in pool

Cool stew for the students; prune soup and blue fruit for the neurologist.
{oo, ew, u, u-e, ou, ue, ui, eu}

[er] as in soccer

Her first nurse worked for a doctor to make dollars early.
{er, ir, ur, or, ar, ear}


Red head.
{e, ea}


It's a mystery!
{i, y}


Up and away above the country.
{u, a, o, ou}

[oo] as in wood

Good push!
{oo, u}


Out of the shower!
{ou, ow}


In August I saw her lost daughter, I thought.
{au, aw, o, augh, ough}


Oil Boy
{oi, oy}


My chin itches.
{ch, tch}


Dad played.
{d, ed}


Funny phone laugh.
{f, ph, gh}


Great ghostly morgue.
{g, gh, gue}


Jump gently toward the edge.
{j, g, dge}


Cats, kittens and ducks echo uniquely.
{c, k, ck, ch, que}


The monkey climbed a column.
{m, mb, mn}


Nobody knows a gnome.
{n, kn, gn}


Rachel wrote a rhyme.
{r, wr, rh}


A sunny city scene.
{s, c, sc}


Washing machine
{sh, ch}


Nation tension
{tion, sion}


Ted talked
{t, ed}


Zebra nose
{z, s}

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