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capitataion payments

payments made to physicians on a regular basis(such as monthly) for providing services to patients in a managed care

cycle billing

a type of billing in which patients are divided into groups and statement printing and mailing is staggered throughout

electronic remittance advice(ERA)

an electronic device that list patients, dates of service, charges, and the amount paid or denied by the insurance carrier

fee schedule

a document that specifies the amount the provider bills for provided services

once-a-month billing

a type of billing in which statements are mailed to all patients at the same time each month

payment schedule

a document that specifies the amount the payer agrees to pay the provider for a service, based on a contracted rate of reimbursement

remainder statements

statements that list only those charges that are not paid in full after all insurance carrier payments have been received

standard statements

statements that show all charges regardless of whether the insurance has paid on the transactions

patient statement

a list of the amount of money a patient owes, orgnaized by the amount of time the money has been owed, the procedure performed, and the dates the procedures were performed

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