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Jenna method

syllable drill
mimetic or copying movments
kinesthetic or awareness of movement or position (seeing and feeling what the words look like at the same time)
student speaks simultaneously with clinician
focus on lip and tongue movements


• Rapid syllable drill
• Homophenous words
• Visible characteristics determine categorization of speech sounds
• Use simple sentences to derive meaning
• Focus on group
• Analytic approach


• Synthetic training approach (Opposite to MULLER)
• Contex identifies homophenous words
• No syllable drill used
• No voice used
• Focus on whole speech movements


• Eclectic training approach
o Analytic approach w/ syllable drill
o Synthetic approach similar to Nitchie
• Materials used with preschool and school-age kiddos


• Syllable drill
• Mimetic or copying movements
• Kinesthetic or awareness of movement or position (seeing and feeling what words look like at the same time)
• Student speaks simultaneously with clinician
• Focus on lip and tongue movements


Focus on sound identification
Focus on recognizing gist of sentence
Presentation of both auditory and visual signals
Kinesthetic and visual awareness (mirror and video) are often included for production practice.

Analytic Vowel Speechreading Training Objectives

Discriminate between letters i, u, and a
Different formants
Different mouth positions
Discriminate in two to four set choice
Discriminate in six set choice with other vowels
Identify words in open set format

Analytic Consonant Speechreading Training Objectives

Discriminate consonants that differ in place, but share manner or voicing
b/c Manner and voicing cues auditorily salient
Voicing is something you can't see
Manner is more auditory salient i.e. think about a stop its more a burst.
Place is more visual.

analytic consonant speechreading objectives

1. Consonants dif. in place but share manner
2. Consonants diff in place but share voicing
3. Increase closed set to 4 set choices
4. Consonants sharing place and manner or voicing
5. Identify words in open set format

synthetic consonant speech reading objectives .

1. follow simple directions from closed set
2. identify sentence from 4 dissimilar pics
3. identify sentence from 4 similar pics
4. attend to topic-related sentences repeat
5. speechread a paragraph

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