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What 2 words describe a decreased level of consciousness that does not put patients completely to sleep and that allows the patient to breathe on their own during surgical procedure?

General anesthesia

What do the initials CRNA stand for?

Certified registered nurse assistant

CMS publishes an annual list of _____ ______ values for anesthesia codes

Base units

The "M" in the anesthesia formula stands for ____ unit.


What is the term that describes the services provided to a patient by the physician before surgery?


What is another term for the time after the surgery when the physician provides services to the patient?


The ___ factor for the locale is multipled by the number of base units in the procedure plus the time units to determine the price of the anesthesia service.


The modifier indicates that a CRNA service with medical direction by a physician was provided.


Patient with severe systemic disease that is a constant threat to life


Normal healthy patient


patient with a severe systemic disease


Declared brain-dead patient whose organs are being removed for donor purposes


Patient with mild systemic disease


Moribound patient who is not expected to survive without the operation


Diagnostic arthroscopic procedure of knee joint

Knee.. 01382

Radical hysterectomy

Radical... 00846

Corneal transplant

Eye... 00144

Cesarean delivery only

Childbirth... 01961

Otoscopy used in procedure for middle ear

otoscopy... 00124

Transurethral resection of the prostate


Anesthesia for a cardiac catheterization patient having mild systemic disease


Anesthesia for a myringotomy on a healthy 5-year-old patient.


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