Intro. to Clinical Medical Assisting

The medical specialty that deals with the causes of diseases that affect the body and study tissues and cell, body fluids, and actual organs to assist in diagnosilng the patient's ailments is called
Medical assistants who are interested in learning more about disorders of the skin should apply for employment with a(n):
The organization that is a clearinghouse for information and statistics associated with healthcare is:
Which legislation most affects the quality of laboratory reports and results?
The organization that is committed to research and delivery of needed drugs and medical supplies to various areas of the world is the:
A person who manages systems consistent with the medical, administrative, ethical, and legal requirements of the healthcare delivery system is called a(n):
health information administrator
The first cervical vertebra is called the axis, on which the head rests.
Which allied health professional works with a physician who specializes in the care of the eye?
Ophthalmic medical technician
An occupational therapist works to help patients regain functions and improve quality of life
What type of registered nurse has advanced training to diagnose and treat common illnesses
How did the studies of the ancient Greek physicians influence the progress of medicine during the period of history known as the Dark Ages?
They discouraged further study because Hippocrates and Galen were considered to be the final authorities on matters of medicine
A standard is an item or indicator that is used as a measure of quality or compliance
Which healthcare professional is trained to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician?
Physician assistant
The highest level of biosafety that is studied at USAMRIID is level
The caduceus is a staff that historically belonged to
The term chemotherapy refers to which of the following medical procedures?
Treatment of diseases with injection of chemicals into the body to destroy microorganisms
Physician assistants are allowed to write prescriptions in most states
The allied health specialist who performs ultrasound diagnostic procedures under the supervision of a physician is called a(n):
diagnostic medical sonographer
Doctors of Osteopathy usually practice allopathic medicine.
A medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of disorders of the eye is called an:
Which of the following patients is not receiving care in an ambulatory center?
A hospital inpatient
Which of the following is not true about a group practice?
It does not share income and expenses
Which of the following physicians are trained to find pressure points and weight distribution problems, and care of the feet?
Which statement best describes the main difference between the DO and the MD?
The DO places more emphasis on the relationship of musculoskeletal structure to the function of organs and tissues within the body
Smallpox, among other diseases, used to be pandemic. This means that it was
caught by many of the people who lived in a given country
What would be the best way for new medical assistant graduates to become good team players in the medical office?
Show consideration and appreciation of each member of the staff
Which credential is not offered by the AMT?
A recent graduate of a comprehensive medical assisting training program could apply for all of the following positions except:
physical therapy assistant
Which quality in a medical assistant is most likely to promote positive relations in the medical office?
Sincere interest in patient welfare
Cross-training means that one individual is trained to do a variety of duties
Which of the following skills would not be an appropriate expectation of the competent medical assistant?
Diagnosing common patient symptoms
Continuing educational units are important because they:
keep the medical assistant up to date with new techniques and information
The first national organization formed for medical assistants was
Which of the following are important to remember during an externship?
Never handle drugs or money without permission
Which statement is true regarding the status of students during the externship, as compared with that of regular employees?
Students are expected to perform under the same professional standards as regular employees.
The first medical reference listed on a medical assistant graduate's resume is often the
Profit sharing is never a part of the benefit package for medical assistants
You are beginning your externship in a large office that has three medical assistants. What is the best way to learn about your job responsibilities?
Ask for a job description and clear directions for daily activities
Long nails and colored polish are always acceptable in the medical profession
Which of these careers could not be entered as a result of medical assistant training?
Respiratory therapy assistant
The main benefits from externships and internships are experienced by the:
externship site and the medical assistant extern
Which is not a good reason for becoming an active member of a medical assisting professional organization?
Ensuring fair pay by asking others about their salaries
Because medical assistants are key public relations representatives for the physicians for whom they work, it is critical that medical assistants never
tell patients who are ill that they have an excellent chance for recovery
Individuals working in the medical assisting field have a mandatory retirement age.
Extra advantages or benefits from working in a specific job are called:
Medical assistants may perform electrocardiography and prepare patients for x-ray examinations.
Most medical assisting positions are in hospitals
Which professional organization also certifies laboratory professionals?
If a medical assistant has a conflict with a co-worker, he or she should first
go to the person with whom he or she has an issue
Which is one of the most common physical places in which confidentiality is breached?
Corresponding in size, amount, extent, or degree and equal in measure is the definition for:
Which of the following statements about professionalism is not true?
Student medical assistants are naturally professional on the externship even if they are not professional at school
Often the success of a business is directly related to effective communication
Checking personal email several times a day in the medical office is always acceptable
A task that is noted as a B priority:
should be done today
When medical assistants are able to adapt to various situations, they are considered to be:
Credibility is the perceived competence or character of a person
Which of the following statements is not true regarding goal setting?
Celebrating should be delayed until the last goal is reached
Probably the most important asset a medical assistant can offer the employer is:
a good attitude
The mental and emotional condition, enthusiasm, loyalty, or confidence of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand is called:
Disobedience to authority is called:
The personality that people project in public is their persona
In some cases, it is acceptable for the medical assistant to share personal difficulties with patients.
Deciding which tasks are most important is called
When patients have a problem, they should be referred to the person who knows the most about that particular situation
Medical assistants should never trade or rotate their duties, even with the permission of the office manager.
Talk, widely disseminated opinion with no discernible source, or a statement that is not known to be true is called
a rumor
To intentionally put off doing something that should be done is to
A connotation is
something suggested by a word or thing
Personal baggage does not ever interfere with the medical assistant's ability to perform job duties
Legible, neat handwriting can make a huge difference in a lawsuit