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mr. baxley histroy 7th grade wesleyan


a city state of Ancient Greece


a walled, high area containing fortifications and tempeles and located in the center of polis


an open area that served as a meeting place and market in early Greek city-states


in ancient greece, state slaves


foot soldiers in ancient greece


great pride


a government run by the people


a strong man who seized power by force and claimed rule for the good of the people

direct democracy

the type of governing system where all people vote directly on an issue


a cheif of state of ancient Athens


a military formation composed of rows of soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder carrying pikes of heavy spears


clear and ordered thinking


the process of making the inferences

lyric poetry

a type of poetry that gained its name from the lyre, an instrument that played while the poetry was sung


the blending of greek cultures with those of Persia, Egypt, and Central Asia following the conquests of Alexander the Great

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