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Yes thank you Catherine that was a wonderful introduction, as you said my two children, Hélène and Pierre are doing great! Hélène is a chemist and Pierre is a biologist. I grew up in Paris, in a middle class family and now I am here today being interviewed about my math and science life! It is such a honor .Now I am here, sick with Leukemia, having my last big interview and I would like to thank all of you for being here with me tonight and risking yourselves getting Leukemia to get to know me better.

Question 1

I was naturally talented and started enjoying math and science when I was eleven, and that's when I switched to a harder school to be challenged in math and science.

Question 2

I got my talent when I was eleven. I was a tween. It was noticed quickly though because I started school when I was ten.

Question 3

Did World War I interrupt your studies? If so, what did you do during that period of time

Question 4

Receiving the noble prize was tough but I did accomplish a lot. To receive the noble prize, my husband, Frédéric and I discovered radioactivity and radioactive isotopes. It was not actually planned out, I just started playing and trying new things with chemicals and the radioactivity I invented. I just tested stuff and I spent many hard nights coming so close but on its final test something goes wrong.

Question 5

SO many things were going through my mind when I won the noble prize. I felt just like my mother Marie curie. I really wished my father, Pierre and my grandfather, Eugène Curie who are both in the sky right now, were there but I was glad to have everyone else. I felt it was such an honor. For everything I have done to win this award. I felt really accomplished with my doctor of science degree and my new invention of isotopes and radio activity.

Question 6

Yes, if it wasn't a severe case I would be in the lab right now working on the isotopes I invented and even try to do even more, but since I have a risk of dying, I am at the hospital all day and all night praying to get better so I could be the scientist I was before. I wish I could be in the lab for just one more day.

Closing Greeting

Once again, thank you so much for being here with me tonight. It was such an honor to be interviewed by Miss Katherine. If you guys have any questions, please ask me after the reception

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