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Physics Chapter 5

How many alterations in the direction of the current flow occur in 0.10 second in a 60 Hz AC current?


At what point in the x-ray circuit is the rectification circuit loaded?

Between the step up transformer and the x-ray tube

Where is the stator of the anode induction motor located?

Outside the glass envelope and outside the rotor

The exposure switch on an x-ray machine is intended to?

Intitiate the exposure

The exposure switch is found between the?

Autotransformer and the timer circuit

The electrical device used to adjust the mA selection is a?

Variable resistor

The time control is found between the?

Exposure switch and the step up transformer

The mA control is found between the?

Incoming line and the step-down transformer

The kVp control is found between the?

Incoming line and the exposure switch

All of the following are radiographer-operated controls EXCEPT?

Rotor speed

The diagnostic x-ray range is approximately?

10 to 1,200mA, 0.001 to 10 seconds, 25 to 150 kVp (all of the above)

The key advantage of a curved-top radiographic table is the?

Smaller object image distance (OID)

When using AEC at 80 kVp, backup times?

Must not exceed 600 mAs

Radiographic rooms equipped with a tilting table are primarily designed for performing _______procedures.


What is NOT a tube support system?

Fluoroscopic tower

To protect the radiographer during x-ray exposures?

The mA and kVp selections are on the low voltage side of the circuit

Which tube suspension system offers the greatest multidirectional movement?

Overhead tube suspension system

The incoming line current is supplied?

In the form of a three-phase power cycle

Nearly all types of x-ray equipment operate from an incoming line of?


When full-wave rectification is applied to a three-phase current, a __________ripple is produced.


A three-phase, rectified current produces a voltage ripple of ____pulses per Hz.


Ancillary equipment for tilting tables include?

Footbard, handgrips, shoulder supports (all of the above)

All of the following are desired features of radiographic tables EXCEPT?

Low abrasion surface to lessen patient slippage as they transfer

High frequency generators?

Use invertors to increase pulse frequency, produce similar output to three-phase with a single phase source, achieve peak kVp faster than single or three phase generators (all of the above)

Falling load generators?

Are designed to use the highest allowable mA

Radiographing a thin body part using automatic exposure control (AEC)?

Is recommended to in order to reduce dose

Automatic exposure control (AEC) technology determines?

Exposure time

Present day AEC technology utilizes?

Ionization chamber technology, minimum reaction times as short as 1 ms, a pre-detector AEC chamber position (all of the above)

When compared to batter-powered portable radiographic units, capacitor discharge mobile units?

Produce more consistent exposures

When compared to single-phase electrical current, three-phase power?

Permits short exposures, produces 360 pulses per second, produces less voltage ripple (all of the above)

What regulates exposure time based upon patient thickness and density?


What is located between the incoming line and exposure switch and determines kVp?


What is a two-position device used to initiate exposure?

Exposure switch

What is a low-voltage circuit that supplies 3 to 5 amperes?

Filament current

What produces two pulses of electricity in 0.008 sec?

Single-phase power

What yields approximately 40% higher average energy per exposure?

Three-phase power

What is an excellent x-ray tube positioning flexivility with patients on carts?

Overhead tube suspension system

What is required for myelography procedures with the table tilted Trendelenburg?

Shoulder supports

What is used by orthodontists to assess the alignment of teeth and jaw disorders?

Panoramic dental and facial system

What is routinely used for chest radiography?

Upright Bucky unit

What is an inexpensive tube support design typically seen in small clinics?

Floor-to-ceiling suspension system

What is an x-ray tube and image receptor that is fixed to opposide ends of an arc design?

C-arm tube suspension

What is #1 in an x-ray circuit?

Main braker

What is #2 in an x-ray circuit?

Exposure switch-activates the rotating anode of the x-ray tube

What is #3 in an x-ray circuit?

Autotransformer-modifies the incoming line voltage in anticipation of the kv that will be produced by the step up transformer

What is #4 in an x-ray circuit?

Timer circuit

What is #5 in an x-ray circuit?

High voltage step up transformer

What is #6 in an x-ray circuit?

Four-diode rectification circuit

What is #7 in an x-ray circuit?

Filament circuit variable resistance- modifies the incoming line power ot produce the thermionic emission from the filament wire of the xray tube by a sequence of devices

What is #8 in an x-ray circuit?

Filament step down transformer

What is #9 in an x-ray circuit?

X-ray tube

What is #10 in an x-ray circuit?

Rotor stator

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