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Consumer Promotions
Sales promotion tools used to boost short-term customer buying and engagement or enhance long-term customer relationships.
Consumers compete for prizes based on skill or ability
Cooperative Advertising
an arrangement in which the manufacturer and the retailer split the costs of advertising the manufacturer's brand
Coupons Plans
premiums given in exchange for labels
written price reductions used to encourage consumers to buy a specific product
As a type of sales promotion, _____ encourage trial and reduce consumer risk, although they may negatively impact perceptions of brand value
Factory Packs
A premium that is attached to a product either in or on the packaging
an action or reward that motivates one to act a certain way
Loyalty Marketing Programs
a promotional program designed to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between a company and its key customers
Online Loyalty Marketing
customers get rewarded for buying stuff online
Point of Purchase Displays
Designed to encourage impulse purchasing and highlight offers merchandise manufacturers supply the display to retailers
Low cost items given to the consumer at a discount or for free.
Product Placement
Putting products into TV shows and movies where they will be seen
Product Samples
free trial size of a product sent through the mail, distributed door-to-door, or given away at retail stores and trade shows
Promotional Allowances
a payment to a dealer for promoting the manufacturer's products
Promotional Tie-Ins
Sales promotional arrangements between one or more retailers or manufacturers; also known as cross-promotion and cross-selling campaigns.
Developed in the 1880s, a practice by which railroads would give money back to its favored customers, rather than charging them lower prices, so that it could appear to be charging a flat rate for everyone.
Sales Force Promotions
Putting quotas on employees to meet in order to sell more products, Often awarded cash or gifts.
Sales Promotion
The marketing communication activities, other than advertising, personal selling, and public relations, in which a short-term incentive motivates consumers or members of the distribution channel to purchase a good or service immediately, either by lowering the price or by adding value
Slotting Allowances
a cash premium paid by the manufacturer to a retail chain for the costs involved in placing a new product on its shelves
relationship in which an organization provides funds or in-kind resources in exchange for publication of its name`
A form of sales promotion that offers prizes based on a chance drawing of entrants' names.
Title Sponsor
sponsor pays to have its name incorporated into the name of the sponsored property
Trade Promotion
sales promotion designed to get support for a product from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers
Trade Shows
major events attended by buyers who choose to be exposed to products and services offered by potential suppliers in an industry
Traffic Builders
low cost premiums (pens, calendars) given when potential customers visit stores
A written or spoken media message designed to interest consumers in purchasing a product or service
Institutional Promotion
A promotional method used to create a favorable image for a business
Communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response
Product Promotion
A promotional method used by businesses to convince prospects to select their goods/services
public information about a company, product, service, or issue appearing in the mass media as a news item
Promotional Mix
the combination of one or more of the communication tools used to inform, persuade, or remind prospective buyers
Public Relations
activities designed to create a favorable image of a business, its products, and its policies
News Release
a short piece of copy publicizing an event or product that is released to media outlets
Personal Selling
a purchase situation involving a personal, paid-for communication between two people in an attempt to influence each other
Direct Marketing
advertising directed to a targeted group of people instead of mass media.