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the Cerebrum

The biggest part of the brain. It makes up 85% of the brain's weigh and all your memories live in it. It also helps you reason. The cerebum is the thinking part of the brain and controls your mucles.It has two halves, the right half of the cerebrum controls the left side of your body, and the left half controls the right side.

The Cerebellum

It is smaller than the cerebrum very important part of the brain. It controls balance, movement, and coordination (how your muscles work together). Because of your cerebellum, you can stand upright, keep your balance, and move around.

The Brain stem

It connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord, which runs down your neck and back. The brain stem is in charge of all the functions your body needs to stay alive,
controls your muscles — the ones that work automatically, without you even thinking about it. It tells your heart to pump more blood around the body The brain stem also sorts through the millions of messages in the Brain

The Pituitary Gland

It is very small. It produces and releases hormones into your body. It released special hormones that carry out the stage of puberty in a teenagers life

The Hypothalamus

It controls temperature in your body hypothalamus gets you shivering or sweating depending on the bodies temperature to get your temperature back to normal.

The Nervous system


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