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Holling Hoodhood

the lead character, a seventh grader at Camillo Junior High

Heather Hoodhood

Holling's older sister, a would-be social revolutionary.

Mr. Hoodhood

Holling's father, a very ambitious architect.

Mrs. Hoodhood

Holling's mother, a passive figure.

Doug Sweiteck

another seventh grader, one who tries to cause trouble

Doug Sweiteck's brother

an older boy whom Holling trips during a soccer game.

Mrs. Sidman

teacher/administrator with bright red/orange hair.

Ben Cummings

a friend of Holling's who moved away.

Ian MacAlister

another friend of Holling's who moved away.

Pastor McClellan

the Presbyterian preacher.

Meryl Lee Kowalski

a seventh grader who has long loved Holling.

Mai Thi

a Vietnamese girl sponsored by the Catholic Relief Agency.

Danny Hupner

other seventh grader, and one of Holling's friends.

Mr. Guareschi

—the dictatorial principal.

Mr. Petrelli—the ditto-crazy geography teacher.

the ditto-crazy geography teacher.

Mrs. Edna Bigio—the school cook who bakes cream puffs.

he school cook who bakes cream puffs.

Mr. Venderli

the school's custodian.

Miss Violet

the school's choir director.

Coach Quatrini

the gym and cross-country coach.

Mrs. Betty Baker

Holling's strict English teacher and foe.

Mr. Benjamin Goldman

the Shakespeare-loving owner of Goldman's Best Bakery.

Mr. Mercutio Baker

owner of the Baker Sporting Emporium.

Mr. Kowalski

Meryl Lee's father, and a competing architect with Mr. Hoodhood.

Mr. Bradbrook

chairman of the school board.

Mickey Mantle

the great Yankee outfielder who refuses to sign an autograph for Holling.

Joe Pepitone

opular Yankee first baseman and outfielder.

Horace Clarke

— a Yankee second baseman.

Sycorax and Caliban

wo escaped rats, named after characters from The Tempest.


1967 Camillo Junior High on Long Island, in New York, the "Perfect House." and The third setting is the novel's pervasive backdrop—Vietnam War-era America.

Theme 1

Transformation The Wednesday Wars is primarily a story about Holling Hoodhood coming of age.

Theme 2

Love and Friendship

What was inside the wooden box that Mrs.baker pulled out from her desk drawer?

Inside the drawer was a wooden box inside which was the silver medal which Mrs. Baker had won in the women's 4X100 meters relay in the 16th Olympics at Melbourne in the year 1956.

What are two thoughts that holling included in his prayers after lighting a candle with mrs.baker in st adelberts church?

he prays also that he can include so many prayers with just one candle. He prays that an atomic bomb does not drop on any of the "architectural points of interest" in the town. He also prays for Lieutenant Baker in Vietnam, for Danny Hupfer in Hebrew School and for his sister who was driving to California in hopes that she would find herself.

What was the year the wesneday wars took place?

The Wednesday Wars took place during the Vietnam War witch is in 1967.


On Wednesdays afternoons half of Holling's class leaves school early for Catechism class. The other half leaves early for Hebrew School. That leaves Presbyterian Holling alone every Wednesday afternoon with his teacher, Mrs. Baker. Neither of them is happy at the prospect, and Holling is sure Mrs. Baker hates him as a result. At first Mrs. Baker just has Holling clean erasers, but then decides to make better use of the time by introducing him to Shakespeare. And as events in the larger world during the 1967-'68 school year unfold in the background, Holling begins to learn about himself, his family, friends, and the mysterious adult world.

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