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Bassoon Embouchure

American Band College

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Forming the embouchure (3 steps)
1. Place tip of the reed on the lower lip 2. draw the reed into the mouth and take the lower lip with it. 3. bring the top lip down slightly over the teeth. The top lip will be almost up to the first wire and the bottom lip behind it.
Reed direction (2 steps)
Heavier side faces to the ground. Lower lip pushes up slightly
3 Effects of playing heavy side of reed up
1. Flatness throughout the range (especially when few fingers used) 2. soft attacks are difficult or impossible 3. Various intervals very out of tune
How to find best side of reed (3 steps)
1. Slur Low F to Middle F to High F softly 2. Notice sag in pitch of middle F 3. Side with the most sag is bad side, play the other side up.
Crow too high - too few sounds (2 remedies)
Embouchure too tight. Perhaps reed needs to be freed up.
First tone to play
Low F below staff
Unsupported sound on Low F (2 causes)
1. No support from bottom jaw 2. no air column support from diaphragm