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State Confucianism

expressed a traditional, activist element in Chinese philosophy

In the Chinese civil service examination system,

many candidate who passed the first examination did not go to a higher level

The Tang Dynasty

developed the equivalent of a modern cabined within its Department of State Affairs

Which of the following was true about eh power of the Mongols?

They achieved more success in China than it did in the rest of East Asia

Khubilai Khan's capital was located at


The Mongols

made use of Chinese institutions in governing China

ALl of the following are correct about the Ming Dynasty except

there were no contracts with Vietnam or Korea

BUddhism was brought to China by

merchants from India

The Buddhist sect that stressed the role of devotion was

The pure land sect

The main purpose for the development of Neo-Confucianism was to

deal wit the issues of the universe that had been introduced to China by Buddhism and Daoism

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