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French Dining

Rouanne is in what department?
Who were the brothers who worked and built their restaurant?
What is important in "nouvelle cuisine?"
Chambertin is the region of...
The fields of Bertin
Chambertin means...
Grapes are harvested in what month?
What white beef is famous for its fine quality?
Salmon Scallops
What is the most famous Troisgros dish?
The first tasting of the new wine is celebrated with a ____ festival.
Least likely to affect the taste of wine and best reveals the color
Why is a silver wine taster used to taste the wine?
Strong, long lasting, and full body
What adjectives describe the Chambertin wine?
Salt and Butter
What ingredients do the French use frequently?
A plant with acid-flavored leaves used as salad greens
What is sorrel?
Le Guide Michelin
What grading uses 3 stars?
By the stem
How do you hold a glass with white wine?
By the base or bowl
How do you hold a glass with red wine?
Foreign correspondent for US government
Who is Pierre Salinger?
How do you say "spicy" in French?
La cuisine du marchè
What do you call using what is in season to cook meals?