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the motion of a body about an internal axis

Rotary Motion

the time rate of angular displacement

Angular Velocity

the constant rate of change of angular velocity

Angular acceleratoin

a mathematical expression of the distribution of the mass of a rotating object

Rotational inertia

the horizontal rotation of the shaft


the property of a body moving repeatedly over the same path in equal intervals of time

Periodic motion

linear motion in which the acceleration is proportional to the displacement from an equilibrium position and is directed toward that position

Simple harmonic motion

the distance from the midpoint of its vibration at that particular instant

displacement in harmonic motion

the maximum displacement

amplitude of harmonic motion

the number of vibrations per second

period of harmonic motion

the midpoint of its path

equilibrium position of harmonic motion

an object suspended so that it can swing back and forth about an axis


an angle that when placed with its vertex at the center of a circle, subtends on the circumference an ark equal in length to the radius of the circle


the angle about the axis of rotation through which the object turns

Angular Displacement

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