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Je viens de chanter.

I just sang.

Il vient de danser.

He just danced.

Nous venons de regarder un film.

We just watched a movie.

Tu viens de venir de France?

Did you just come from France?

Elle vient de manger.

She just ate.

Vous venez d'aller au concert.

You guys just went to a concert.

Elles viennent de jouer de la clarinette.

They just played the clarinet.

Ils viennent de jouer aux dames.

They just played checkers.

Je viens de faire mes devoirs.

I just did my homework.

Elle vient de faire une promenade.

She just took a walk.

Tu viens de jouer au Scrabble.

You just played Scrabble.

Nous venons de jouer aux billes.

We just played marbles.

Elles viennent de jouer aux boules.

They (f) just played lawn bowling.

Il vient de rentrer à la maison.

He just returned home.

L'avion vient d'arriver.

The airplane just arrived.

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