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IPT - Current and Emerging Trends in Communication

Short for web log are basically online journals that are made public. Individuals regularly update their blog to express personal views and opinions or to detail their day-to-day activities.
A website where users are able to freely add new content and edit existing content.
RSS Feed
Really Simple Syndication. Authors can offer content as an RSS feed and updates are downloaded to ones computer.
A podcast is an audio RSS feed that is automatically downloaded to your computer and copied to your MP3 player.
Online Radio and TV
Streamed over the Internet and displayed in real time using a streaming media player. Many stations now provide this service.
Video on Demand
VOD systems are used to distribute video content directly to users over a communication link.
3G Mobile Network
The term 3G refers to third generation mobile communication networks that provide higher data transfer rates than older GSM and CDMA mobile phone networks.