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Decrease in platelets.

Nociceptive Pain

Result of activation of nociceptors pain fibers deep in cutaneous tissue.

Somatic Pain

Arises from bone joint or connective tissue; well localized gnawing sensation.

Visceral Pain

Result of nociceptor activation in thoracic or abdominal tissue; can be pancreas, liver, GI poorly localized... cramping.

Mass Screening

screen entire population (PKU)

Selective or Prescriptive Screening

high risk populations (BRCAI, sickle cell)

Single Screening

looking for defect or condition. (BP check)

Multiple Screening

2 or more defects or conditions; school vision and hearing.

Multiphasic Screening

screening over time; height, Denver Developmental Screening Test.

Prostate Screening

50 years

Cervical Screening

21 years of 3 years post inter


values or rules based on a clients conscience. Serve as guide to right/wrong behavior.


From Greek word Ethos, means conduct, customs and character. A process of deciding best course of action when faced with conflict.

Data and Saftey Monitoring Board

Reports to IRB, monitors client safety in large clinical trials.


Institut. review board

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Assist in developing safe drug levels and schedules of new drug using human subjects.

Phase 2 Clinical Trials

Usually focus of particular type of cancer, study safety and effect of drug on human body.

Phase 3 Clinical Trials

Compare new drug with standard therapy; usually large number of participants.

Phase 4 Clinical Trials

Long term safety and effectiveness; large number of participants needed.


Genetic portion of DNA that regulates normal cell growth. Promote cell division

Tumor Supressor Genes

Genetic portion of DNA that stops, inhibits, or supersede cell division.


Is most common mutated tumor suppressor gene.

failure of _________ may lead to malignancy.



Altered forms of normal proto-oncogenes. May give rise to cancers.

Signal Transduction

process of transmitting information received on the cell membrane to the cell's nucleus.

Overproduction of RAS oncogenes have been identified in what cancers?

Pancreatic, colorectal, lung, and thyroid.


cells divide, increase bulk, and secrete enzymes. Invade surrounding tissues.


Ability of tumor to grow new blood vessels.


Spread of primary tumor to distant sites.

Inherited Cancers occur via...

carcinogenic mutation in germ cells. Account for 10% of cancer in the USA


does not mix with ASA or NSAIDS; increases risk of methotrexate toxicity.

Combination therapies that include etoposide and alk. agents...

cause increase FSH levels and azoospermia or olgiospermia in 30-40% mals. Test funct. may be normal if tx with etoposide and nonalkylating agents (vincrustine, doxorubiein)


Warm Pack Plant Alkaloids. Cold- all other chemos


only lab increase in DIC is D-Dimer and FDP titers; everything else decrease.


too much ADH mostly from pituitary gland.


causes water to be reabsorbed instead of excreted through the kidneys.


fluid restriction

Severe SIADH

High concentrate sodium IVF


T=>100x4, P>90, Resp>20, WBC> 12,000


during cell kill. Give IVF

Lead time bias

cancer detected early but does not affect survival.


whole lung removed

wedge recection

small wedge near lung surface

segmental resection

removal of 1 or more segments of lung


removal of lobe of lung


granulocyte stimulating factor- stimulates myloid line; increases WBC's; starts 24 hours post chemo for 3-14 days.


long acting G-CSF


most common cause of death in person with cancer.

Very high Emetogenic

Cisplat, Cytoxan, Melphalan

High Emetogenic

Barbo, Cisplant, Etoposiac, Irinotecan, Oxaliplatin, Doxrubicin

Low Emetogenic

Vinoustine; age less than 50 risk for N+V (may have more anticiporty nausea)

Ibuprofen use caution in...

liver disease

Increased risk DIC

leukemia, lymphoma, buliany, breast, colon, gastric, lung, pancreatic, prostate, melanoma


delayed neutropenia


cytokine, based on the bodys own cytoxic response. Flu like symptoms, fever and chills.


jerking R/+ drg metabolites -->switch drug!


diet exercise



oral mucusitis

oral cane. brush 90 seconds bid

Combination therapy

etoposide, cytoxin = azoospermia 30-40%post-pubertal men


Anorexia+mucositis/esophagitis fever

Interferon, Interleukin + Vanc

Can produce a fever

90% of all bowel obstruction occur in...

the small intestine (think: small- can't get through!)


pred- may need stool softeners

Pelvic Exentenation

removes all reproductive organs + adjacent tissues; involves colon, bladder, ureters, and other organs. Freq requires colostomy and urostomy.

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