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the news provides a refracted versionn of reality because it

EMPHASIZES dramatic and compelling news stories

The yellow journalism of the late nineteenth century was characterized by

the EMPHASIS on sensationalism as a way of selling papers

Objective journalism is based on the idea that the reporters job is to
report the facts and cover alternative sides of a partisan debate//report what political leaders want them to report//discover what other reporters are saying and provide a uniform interpretation of events//scrutinize the partisan debate and inform the news audience about which party has the better argument

report the FACTS and cover alternative sides of a partisan debate

the federal government's licensing of broadcasting is based primarity on

the SCARCITY of broadcasting FREQUENCIES

the term "framing" is used to describe

the process of SELECTING certain aspects of reality and making them the most salient part of the communication, thereby conveying a particular interpretation of a situation.

What development brought about a dramatic reduction in televisions capacity to generate an interest in news

the rapid spread of cable

One of the reasons the reporting of national news is relatively uniform among news sources is that

a SMALL NUMBER of news organizations and new services generate most of the news

How has the Internet affected the watchdog capacity of the media

It has EXPANDED the watchdog capacity of the media

During the era of objective journalism, commitment of newspapers to two sided news reporting

DIDNOT extend to their editorializing

During what decade did the American news audience change from a growing to a shrinking one?

the 1980

In the 1960s presidential candidates

had LONGER sound bites on average in broadcast television newscasts

the traditional media have "softened" their news by

infusing it with more stories about CELEBRITIES CRIME, and the LIKE

Yellow journalism contributed to public support for the

spanish-american war

One special contribution of Internet-based news is that it

provides the ordinary citizen with an opportunity to be part of the news system

Which of the following statements is true

objective journalism is based on communication of FACTS and FAIRNESS

CNN and MSNBC have responded to Fox's ratings success by

installing talk-show hosts with PARTISAN or HARD EDGE appeals.

The reason the news products is designed to fascinate as well as to inform is because

NEWS organizations are fundamentally businesses and must obtain revenue to survive.

Agenda-setting is an action that falls under which of the major roles played by the press


The watergate scandal illustrates the

power of the media to serve as watchdog to safeguard against abuses of power

the news medias common-carrier role is based on the idea that

the press should provide a channel through which politcal leaders can communicate their views to the public

if the Rules Commitee applies the "closed rule" to a bill
noamendments will be permitted// the bill will not be allowed a vote// the bill will require a 2/3 majority for passaage// no furthur floor debate is allowed// no filibusters will be allowed to prevent a vote

NO AMENDMENTS will be permitted

Compared with the Senate majority leader, the Speaker of the House has more power because


Compared to house incumbants Senate incumbants are more likely to face the problem of a

a STRONG challenger

A standing committee in the House or Senate


When the House and Senate pass different versions of a bill, the differences are resolved by a

conference committee

One must be ------ years of age to serve inthe house of Representatives and ------ years of age to serve in the US senate


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