Civil War


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a system that a country uses for making and managing money.
an economy based off of business, factories and railroads
an economy based on farming
It was more industrialized (factories) and did not have slaves (free states)
It was agricultural (farming) and relied on slave labor
Nat Turner
A slave who led a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia
people who were against slavery
Underground Railraoad
a secret route that escaped African Americans used to fee north
Harriet Tubman
helped many slaves escape to the north using the Underground Railroad
John Brown
-led a raid on the US Armory at Harper's Ferry
- was captured and hanged
-he was an abolitionist
Abraham Lincoln
- was elected president in 1860
-some southern states seceded after he was elected
-signed the Emancipation Proclamation
a place where weapons are kept
to break away from
Confederate States of America
-Southern states who seceded
- lost the Civil War
-Northern States
- Won the Civil War
West Virginia
-was formed because the western part of Virginia did not support slavery
Emancipation Proclamation
-freed all slaves
Battle of Bull Run
-first battle of the Civil War
-Stonewall Jackson was important
-South won
Thomas "Stonewall Jackson"
-Confederate general
-important at the Battle of Bull Run
Robert E. Lee
-Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
-A Confederate General
-Defeated Union troops at the battle of Fredericksburg
Battle of Fredericksburg
-Confederates won
-Robert E. Lee beat Union troops here
-Capital of the Confederacy
-Was burned to the ground near the end of the war by Ullysses S. Grant (Union general)
Battle of Hampton Roads
-sea battle
-Monitor (Union) fought the Merrimack (Confederacy)
-it was a draw (tie)
Appomattox Court House, Virginia
-April 1865
-General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant
-Union won the war
White Virginians
-most supported the Confederacy
African American Virginians
-Some fled to the Union army
-Some slaves were forced to raise crops and provide labor for the Confederate Army
American Indians
-most did not take sides during the Civil War