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9 terms

French terms

The infinitive
Basic unconjugated form of the verb. They end in -er, -ir, -re.
Person that performs the action (I, you, he, they).
Listing of the six existing verb forms in a particular tense. (I, you, he/she/it, they we).
What is left when -er, -ir, -re is removed.
Verb ending
What is added to the stem during conjugation. It inidcates the subject tense and mood.
Past / Present / Future
Simple, compound, auxiliary, past participle
"Manner". It shows how the speaker perceives what he or she is saying.
There are 4 personal (indictive, subjunctive, imperitive, conditional)
There are 2 impersonal (infinitive and past participle)
When a vowel is dropped and replaced with an apostrophe (Je -> J')
Subject Pronouns
Two ways to say you
Two ways to say they
No specific word for 'it', a thing is either masculine or feminine.
'On' is for one / they / people
tu = familiar person
Vous = polite or speaking to group of people