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C-1 Study Cards

What is conditioning?
the process of getting a mount fit so that he can go longer and faster and work harder without getting tired
Why condition?
mount's will be less subject to injury when conditioned
What are the acceptable ranges for temperature, respiration, and pulse at rest?
respiration: 8 to 16 breaths per minute
pulse: 30 to 45 beats per minute
Why are these numbers important?
How are feeds measured and weighed?
with your scoop find out how many pounds of your grain does your scoop hold and then find out how much grain equals one pounds. to help remember this you can mark where the one pound mark is. with hay weigh one flake and then adjust to your horses amount ex. 3 flakes equals 12 lbs.
What are characteristics of good and bad feed?
Good: hay should be greenish in color, leafy, and fine stems, smells sweet. feed should smell sweet and be easily breakable
Bad: hay shouldn't be moldy or musty or extremely dusty, or have little leaves and very wide and course stems. feed shouldn't have any feces in it or be moldy or musty
What are charateristics of good and bad pasture?
Good: no weeds or poisonous plants, and the grass available is nutritious and not overgrazed
Bad: manure filled, ovgrazed, weeded with poisonous plants and unnutritious grasses and swamp land
What are characteristics of good and bad watering?
Good: clean, clear, fresh with no objects in it such as wood, acorns. cool in temperature
Bad: smells bad, scummy with algae, has hay, grain, manure, and other items in it. very cold or very hot, iced over . shouldn't be a stagnant pond and water shouldn't be polluted with pesticides and fertilizers.
What are types of bedding appropriate for this area?
Pine shavings are cushiony and absorbent and also have low dust content
Sawdust is absorbent and comfortable but can be dusty
Rubber mats provide cushion but are non absorbent
Sand is used in outside pens
What are types and causes of stable vices?
cribbing, boredom
pawing, boredom or anxiety
wood chewing, vitamin or mineral deficiency
stall pacing, anxiety
weaving, anxiety or boredom
What are three clips that can be done on a horse? Describe each.
Full clip: includes body, head, and legs
Hunter clip: includes body, neck, and head and saddle patch is left where saddle sits
Strip clip: includes under the neck, on the chest, and under the belly (like unzipping a jacket)
What are conditions which foster internal and external parasites?
What are procedures for parasite control in the pasture and stall?
How do you control flys and bot eggs?
What is proper use of a fire extinguisher?
What are good and bad points of basic leg confromation?
What are 5 common unsoundnesses and describe their outward appearance.
what are 3 to 4 types of teeth found in a horses mouth?
molars, premolars, inscissors, wolf, canines
What are five coat colors or patterns that include white on the body?
paint, roan, grey,
What is one breed that excels in racing, dressage, games, vaulting, and western?
thoroughbred, Westphalian, welsh pony, holsteiner, quarter horse
what is one breed that excels in eventing, foxhunting, hunter/jumper, endurance, and driving?
Irish sport horse, thoroughbred, wrmblood, Arabian, connemara
what is basic equipment needed for mounts comfort and safety in trailer?
How do you treat minor wounds?
if bleeding stop it by using gauze, then hose it for 10 minutes with cool water, clean it with Betadine, blot the wound dry with gauze or wait for it to dry on its own, apply antibiotic ointment or powder. if in a place that can get dirty and can be bandaged apply a nonstick gauze dressing and stable bandage over it .
if it can't be bandaged check frequently to clean it
How and why do you deworm new mounts in the barn?
What is the use of a fecal test?
Why have the coggins test done?
to test for EIA or equine infectious anemia
What are all the horse sports offered in USPC?
eventing, show jumping, dressage, polocrosse, tetrathalon, games, foxhunting
Where is eventing rally held, who owns the land, and how much land is it?
Poplar Place Farm is owned by Donna and Gary Stegman and is 100 acres.
What are reasons for lunging?
What is some equipment used for lunging?
What are the five steps in shoeing?
What are the farrier tools and their uses?
What are causes of thrush?
How can you prevent thrush?