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Basic tech

- word processing, spreadsheet, database management, presentation


- storage
- keeps instructions and data


- Read only memory
- cannot be altered


- Random access memory
- more is better
- can write over


- Local area network
- shared use
- most based on switched ethernet -- adding capacity
- network sharing resources


computers that offer resources (hub)

Typical use of LAN

- file sharing
- printer sharing
- internet/intranet access
- project collaboration
- backup

Input devices

- access data in form computer can use
- sends data to processing unit to be processed
- keyboard and mouse are most common
- others: scanners, barcode, touch screen, voice, probes, NIC, sound card, modem


- Network Interface Controller
- connects computer to network

Output devices

printers, monitors, disc, speakers, NIC

word processor

(word) entering and revising text, adding graphics


(excel) numbers, track trends

database management

(access) non-numerical


can be as rudimentary as an index card or rolodex, spreadsheets used for budgets

presentation graphics

power point

software management

- supplement instruction not supplant
- track projects
- support project management

Operation system software

connects applications to hardware

single user

1 person on 1 device, can backup

lab pack

specific location or on specific computers

site license

can be used anywhere at a location

public domain

any can access (ex. adobe acrobat reader)


winzip, free for a set number of uses

Computer labs need

lighting, a/c, chalk/dry erase, carpet, power, networking, phones, furniture, security

technology safeguards

physical, electronic

best safeguard

use prevention and locked door

measures - bytes

- common unit of computer storage
- 8 binary digits (bits) = 1 byte
- smallest addressable group of bits accessible by computer
- a byte holds the equivalent of a single character


- allows computers to talk to each other
- 128 characters, 33 non printing controls that effect text and space
- used to control printers
-allows the import and export of data

tab delimited

ASCII, way info separated

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