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Name the New England Colonies
New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
New England Colonies: Geography Pros
Forests, Rivers and Lakes, Atlantic Ocean
New England Colonies: Geography Cons
Rocky soil, hills and mountains
New England Colonies: Major Exports
Ships, wood products, fish
New England Colonies: Who started the Massachusetts settlement?
The PURITANS started it and their leader was a lawyer named JOHN WINTHROP
New England Colonies: Name 3 people who believed in FREEDOM of RELIGION and left Massachusetts to start their own settlement
Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, and Thomas Hooker
New England Colonies: Name the 1st English colony to allow Freedom of Religion
Rhode Island
Who believed in treating the Native Americans fairly and paid them for land he settled on?
Roger Williams
Name 2 wars the colonists and the Native Americans fought over land
The Pequot War and King Phillip's War
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware
Middle Colonies: Geography Pros
Rivers, lakes, ocean ports, rich land
Middle Colonies: Major Exports
What did the Middle Colonies send to the West Indies?
They sent extra grain because colonists in the West Indies needed to trade for food because most of the land in the West Indies was being used to grow sugarcane.
Why were the Middle Colonies called THE BREADBASKET OF THE COLONIES?
Because they produced a lot of wheat and corn and it was the major food-growing region
Who led the QUAKERS to the Middle Colonies?
William Penn
Middle Colonies: What did the QUAKERS believe?
They believed that all people should be treated fairly. The paid the Native Americans for their land.
Middle Colonies: Who started the Pennsylvania colony?
The Quakers
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Southern Colonies: Geography Pros
red clay soil-good for growing, long growing season, hot and humid
Southern Colonies: Who started Georgia and why?
James Oglethorpe started Georgia as a place to send England's debtors (people who owed money)
Southern Colonies: The South had large plantations. What cash crops did they grow on these plantations?
Corn, Tobacco, Rice, Indigo
the business of farming
a large farm that grows ONE CROP
Triangular Trade
The 3 sided trade route between AFRICA, EUROPE, and the AMERICAN COLONIES. It included the slave trade, cash crops and manufactured goods.

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