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Respect for Persons

To have this is a dimension of the virtue of justice, which is to recognize and honor the essential goodness of each person.


In the Christian vision, every person counts. Absolutely no one is outside the scope of God's love.

Golden Rule

"Do to others whatever you would have them do to you" (Matthew 7:12)


Ability to understand another's feelings, thoughts, and experiences from that person's point of view.


This is not about how wonderful sex can be but about how inhuman it can be, and such inhumanity is glorified by the assumption that it is appealing.


This is a sexual depictions of persons in ways that imply or encourage the denial of their full humanity.


Mental label applied to the members of a group, an oversimplified "picture" of who they are based on assumptions about the group as a whole that may have little or no basis in fact.


Most of this is rooted in fear, which in turn often stems from ignorance.
We fear what we do not know. The fear leads to this that can also grow out of insecurity about oneself.

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