Government chapter 12


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If the president deploys troops, they may not stay for more than sixty days without congressional approval.
Which of the following is a provision outlined in the War Powers Resolution passed by Congress in 1973?
the power to act as commander in chief of the military
Which has historically been seen as the most controversial use of the president's powers?
executive orders
What presidential directives carry the force of law, though they are not specifically granted in the Constitution?
containing communist expansion
For over forty years, from the end of World War II until the late 1980s, ________ around the globe preoccupied American presidents.
hierarchical staff model
Which common advisory style for organizing the White House staff was demonstrated by President Eisenhower, mirroring a military command with clear lines of authority?
chief of staff
Which individual often acts as a first among equals or, in some administrations, the unquestioned leader of the president's inner circle?
electoral mandate
Which concept refers to the voters' endorsement for a president to carry out the platform spelled out in the campaign?
What term refers to the president's rejection of a bill that both the House and Senate have approved?
By the end of 2013, President Obama had vetoed ________ bills sent to him from Congress.
a more powerful presidency
The framers' limited conception and vague description of the president's role has led to
In his book, Presidential Power, Richard Neustadt stresses that a president's powers are embodied in which single characteristic?
Jimmy Carter
Which president used his farewell address to lash out at interest groups for distorting the national interest?
crisis management
During the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, John Kennedy established a new role model for presidents regarding effective
the Executive office of the President
What is the name of the president's extended executive establishment, which employs about 2,000 and has an annual budget of $500 million?
justice and injustice; freedom
The text demonstrates the differing intentions of presidents by noting that Lyndon Johnson repeatedly used the words ________ in his inaugural address, while Ronald Reagan used the word ________ fourteen times in his.
majoritarian democracy
Presidents' obsessive concern with public opinion can be defended as a way to promote
must be a US born citizen
One of the requirements for the presidency, as stated in Article II of the Constitution, says that the president
to control the power of the purse
Which of the following is NOT one of the five major constitutional powers of the U.S. president?
inherent powers
Which term refers to the duties or authorities claimed by the president that are NOT clearly specified in the Constitution?
Franklin Roosevelt
Which president demonstrated a critical change in legislative leadership by asking and receiving more of Congress than ever before in history?
maintaining national security
Of the three fundamental objectives of international relations that concern modern presidents, which was particularly reflected in President Obama's decision to ambush Osama bin Laden?
divided government
Which common situation in American government may seem politically schizophrenic and illogical, but doesn't seem to bother the American people?
delegation of powers
At times Congress willingly gives the executive branch more responsibility to administer programs it has created. This is called
legislative liaison staff
Which group acts as the communications link between the White House and Congress, informing the president of a pending bill's status and problem areas?
checks and balances
When the delegates to the Constitutional Convention created the presidency, which concept or philosophy was reflected in their final structure?