15 terms

Friedland 18

the death of the last member of a species
inbreeding depression
a genetic phenomenon in which individuals with similar genotypes breed with each other a produce offspring with an impaired ability to survive and reproduce
at serious risk of extinction
native species
a species that lives in a historical range, typically where it has lived for thousands or millions of years
alien species
a species living outside its historical range
exotic species
aka alien species
invasive species
a species that spreads rapidly across large areas
Lacey Act
a US act that prohibits interstate shipping of all illegally harvested plants and animals
a 1973 treaty formed to control the international trade of threatened plants and animals
red list
a list of worldwide threatened species maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature
Marine Mammal Protection Act
a 1972 US act to protect declining populations of marine mammals
Endangered Species Act
a 1973 US act that implements CITES, designed to protect species from extinction
Convention on Biological Diversity
a 1992 international treaty formed to help protect biodiversity
edge habitat
a habitat that occurs where two different communities come together, typically forming an abrupt transistion
biosphere reserves
a protected area consisting of zones that vary in the amount of permissible human impact