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The time and place of a story

Point of View

What point the story is told from; Who is telling the story


All-knowing; Knows what everyone is thinking and doing

First Person

Told from the narrator's point of view, using "I"

Third Person

Point of view in which the narrator is outside of the story - an observer


Does not know everything


the story that is told in a novel or play or movie etc.


opposition in a work of drama or fiction between characters or forces (especially an opposition that motivates the development of the plot); A problem


The start of a story

Rising Action

Events leading up to the climax


The decisive moment in a novel or play

Falling Action

Events happening after the conflict and before the resoloution


The point in the story where the central conflict is resolved and the reader learns the outcome of the plot


Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs


The people in the story

Round Character

Usually involved in the conflict; changes throughout the story

Flat Character

Not very importnant; does not usually change

Language & Dialect

To help define the time and setting of the story


A story with two meanings, on literal, and the other alligorical


Saying something that has a symbolic meaning


The author's opinion of the topic


How a character speaks, the language they use

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