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1.the more the complex subsection referred to in the text were Integ, Musculo, resipratory, Cardio, Digestive, and

Female genital

2. The info in the ___ contains info that is necessary to correctly code in the section, & the info is not repeated elsewhere


3.Notes may appear before subsec, subhead, ___ & subcategories


4. when a note is present, that note must be read and ___ if the coding is to be accurate


5. w/in the surgery Guidelines the ___ procedure codes are presented in a list by anatomic site


6. according to the CPT maunal "Pertinent info [in the ___ report] should include an adequate def. or description of the nature, extent, need, time, effort, and equip. necessary to provide the service


7. there are minor and ___ procedure designations for the purposes of a surgical package


8. the breast biopsy and mastectomy of the left breast were preformed during the same operative session would both procedures be reported


9. if a breast and right knee operation were preformed during the same operative session would both procedures be reported


10. The CPT manual describes the surg. pkg as including one related preop E/M service the operative procedure, and immediate ____ care

Follow up care

11. Local infiltration is considered ___ anesthesia


12. this term means a worsening as described in the text


13. this type of anesthesia is not part of the surgical package

General anesthesia

14. the predeifined number of days before and after a surgical package

Global Period

15. what is the CPT code that reports a surgical tray


16. what is the HCPCS code that reports a surgical tray


17. according to the medicare guidlines a surg, pkg includes the treatment of complications by the ___ physician


18. At an off. visit a decision for surgery was made. the surgical procedure was scheduled 21 days later. would the office visit service be

A. reported separtely

19. Splitting open of the wound is


20. Inclusion or exclusion of a procedure in the cpt manual implies health insurance coverage or no health insurance coverage


21. the code range in the surgical section is


22. the subsection that follows the digestive system is the ___ system


23. what type of microscope has a section of the surgery section

Operating scope

24.the difference between 10021 and 10022 is that one is with ___ ____ and one is without

Imaging guidance

25. according to the parenthetical info following the code 10022 for a precutaneousneedle biopsy other than fine needle aspiration, see ____ for salivary gland


26. according to the surgery guidelines codes designated as ____ _____ should not be reported in addition to the code for the totao procedure or service of which it is considered an integral component

Separate procedure

27. according to the surgery guidelines follow up care for ____ surgical procedures includs only that care which is usually a part of the surgical procedure


28. according to the surgery guidelines the code range for maternity care and delivery is


29. according to the surgery guidelines this is the code for unlisted procedures of the lip


30. according to the surgery guidelines this is the code for unlisted procedures of the urinary system


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