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"A Separate Peace" Characters

Covers the characters- major and minor- in the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles. *For Ms Plummer's 'pre AP English 2' final exam*

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Gene Forrester
The narrator of the book, a student at Devon during World War II. His best friend at school was Phineas, a superior athlete, while Gene was better known for his academic skills. He causes Phineas to fall out of a tree and badly break his leg, however it is unclear whether this was accidental or intentional (revealing an unconscious motive and Gene's dark side).
Phineas (Finny)
Gene's best friend and roommate, a remarkable athlete with a disregard for the rules and an innate ability to win people over. He gets Gene in quite a bit of trouble via his impulsive nature and instinctive disobedience, but he is very good at heart, and thinks the world of his best friend (this is his fatal flaw). He dies as a result of breaking his leg twice.
Brinker Hadley
Gene's main rival for the top academic spot in the class. Brinker makes long-running jokes with rather sinister undertones, seems very independent and determined, and very rule oriented. He symbolizes the Winter session, and is Finny's foil.
Leper Lepellier
A soft-spoken, nature-loving boy, with an old soul and ways that are quite idiosyncratic compared with the other boys. He is an avid skier and naturalist, but, rather uncharacteristically, he decides to enlist, and is the first boy from Devon to do so. The horrors he faces at war cause him to go insane with gory visions and hallucinations.
Chet Douglass
Another of Gene and Finny's friends, and part of the Super Suicide Society. Plays trumpet. One of the top students at the school, though Gene outpaces him because Chet's genuine curiosity for everything keeps him a little behind in class.
Mr. Prud'homme
Gene and Finny's substitute house master for the summer. He is usually rather stern, although Finny is able to get the better of him and get out of trouble for skipping various events.
Mr. And Mrs. Patch-Withers
Other substitute masters for the summer, whom Gene describes as being especially stern and conventional. Nevertheless, Finny is able to weasel his way out of wearing the school tie as a belt.
Dr. Stanpole
The head of the school's infirmary. He is a friendly man who takes care of Finny when he breaks his leg, and Gene seems to know and like him.
The captain of the crew team, also a generally disliked figure on campus. He and Gene get into a fight.
Mr. Ludsbury
Gene and Finny's term-time house master, very stern and rule oriented
Phil Latham
The school wrestling coach, also an expert in first aid. He helps Finny after his second fall, and stays with him until the doctor arrives.