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Soaring Control Officer

Staff officer who oversees soaring flying activites. The ___, call sign "Overlord", is located in the tower.

Operations Supervisor

Officer located in the Logger Box with the Logger. He/she supervises all soaring operations, determines the weather status, gives solo briefings, and briefs the cadet flight commander on necessary information for flying operations.

Skytrain Controller

The air traffic controller who controls takeoffs and landings as well as all movement of traffic on the center and west runways is called "________". He or she sits in the tower, located at the midpoint of the Academy Airfield's center runway.


The SCO's primary representative on the flight line if an IP or upgrader in the role of the __________. He or she wears an orange vest, controls aircraft and pedestrian trafic on the west runway, and implements various instructions from the SCO or tower in order to keep the flight line running safely and smoothly.

Rope Runner

The ______________ is a person who visually checks the tow rope and hooks the rope to a sailplane awaiting aerotow. You will need to be trained by an IP on how to perform the rope runner duties and must have the space on the back of your grade card initialed showing you have had the appropriate training.

Logger and Chainsaw

Each sailplane sortie is recorded on a computer located in the midfield building. A person on the flight line, call sign "______", gets the tail number, IP number, student number and mission profile for each sortie, and then radios this information to the computer operator, call sign "______".

Wing Runner

The ________ is a person who raises the aircraft's wing and signals the tow plane that the sailplane crew is ready for takeoff.

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