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The Alamo was a famous _________.
The alamo was a fight between ____ texan rebels vs. ________.
187, mayans
The ______ were force to fight in the alamo battle.
The result of the alamo was that texas was annexed to the US in _____.
A cooperative is a group of people who ________ cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural ________.
voluntarily, benefit
The KOL believed in ___________, a very radical idea at the time.
Tarence Powderly was the leader of the _____.
Civil rights arose because ________ were divided.
The KOL, in order to boycott, would apply _____ to products that are _____ to purchase.
logo, OK
The philosophy of the KOL was to reform the ______ _____.
wage, system
Samuel gompers is known for?
the leader of AFL
The IWW was a ______ ______.
trade, union
Populism was the ________ version of a union.
coney Islands was way for the _______ to get out.
Coney islands allowed youth to _____, _______, _______.
flirt, havesex, barrelride
Coney Island allowed _______ from _______ to intermingle.
immigrants, europe
Coney Island was established in the ______.
The three themes of this class is ________, _______, ______.
Economic system shifts, american power expansion, and freedom struggle.
_______ ______ was a tribal chief.
sittin, bull
The dawes act came in year ______, it attacked _______.
1887, tribalism
The _____ school came in year ______ for civilzing indians.
Carlisle, 1879
The _____ school was founded by _______ Pratt.
Carlisle, Richard
The dawes act gave _____ to indians but they had to live ______.
land, americanized
Tamity Hall was a great example of __________ corruption.
In the Mid ______, tamity Hall, a _____ machine, got members by ________.
1800's, city, giving them things
Boss _____ climbed the ranks of tamity hall.
One of the bribes _____ _____ did was it gave _______ to companies that would give him money underhandedly.
boss, tweed, contracts
Boss Tweed causes NY debt to ______ in _____.
triple, 1870s
Dennis _____, was a demoguogue.
Dennis Kearny used _____ _____ to get power.
scare, tactics
Dennis Kearny would say that the ______ and ______ were responsible.
chinese, richguys
J.P morgan was a _______ who developed the concept of ________.
banker, mergers
J.P morgan merged ______, and as a result it produced _____ of all steel.
U.S. steel, 2/3
J.P morgan allowed for ______ to be created, which allows the setting of terms in the industry.
________ were segments of cities where displaced poor people lived.
________ were thought to be a ramification of Hoover's policies.
The ____ _____ _____, was a commitee in charge of speaking for Child labor laws.
national child labor commitee
The national child labor commitee began in yr ______.
A big aid for the national labor comitee was Hinds ______.
Hinds played on the psyche of _______ people by taking pictures of ______ girl children.
white, white
A common theme in the national child labor committee was that the ______ got _____ by _________.
wealthy, wealthy, exploitation
Children worked ___ hours a week!
Children worked ___ hour shifts.
The concept of classic ___________ was about _____ ________ _______.
liberalism, self, regulating, market
The worst thing to do is mess with _________, is a common notion of classic liberalism.
The _______ ________ _______ _______ believed in science techniques to fix social problems.
American, social, science, association
The ASA was established in year ______.
Most ASA members studied in ________.
Classic Liberalism spread to _____ different ideas.
The two ideas classic liberalism spred to was ______ and _______.
social Darwinsm, progressivism
Social Darwinsm was tied to the idea of _______ of ________.
theory, evolution
A promiment proponent of social darwinism was _____ ______.
herbert, spencer
Herbert Spencer coined the term, _____ __ __ ______.
Survival of the fittest
White man's Burden played well with ________ ________.
social darwinism
Progressivism, which was a branch of ______ _______, were outside the _______ circle.
classic, liberalism, academic
Progressives were also known as ______.
Social fairness was a big commitment to __________.
A big drie of progressivism was _________.
To progressives, mothers were considered the _______ of _______.
backbone, society
________ were heavily involved in progressivism, many worked _________ in ____.
women, voluntarily, asa