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dental radiology

Systeme internationale units

Coulombs per kilogram (C/kg), Gray (Gy), Sievert (Sv)

Traditional units

Roentgen (R), Rad (radiation absorbed dose), Rem (roentgen equivalent man)

Kilovolt peak (kVp)

controls the penetrating power of electrons and quality

Milliampere (mA)

determines the amount of free electrons; quantity of electrons


electrical pressure between two electrical charges


quanity of electric current


negative electrode(everything starts here)


positive electrode


portion of the image that is dark or black


portion of the image that is light or white


degree of darkness or image blackening and is controled by milliamperage

Short-scale contrast

fewer shades of gray and more black against white

Long-scale contrast

density differences between adjacent areas are small and there are many shades of gray

Radiographic contrast

visible difference between densities

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